SEO Is My Passion -- I Have Reason to Believe That Passion is for Your Website

I am not going to give you a lengthy sales pitch, because I know full well that you are reading this because you are thinking about ways to get your website more profitable than what it already is. And if you have been advertising through Google Adwords, then you also know that PPC "Pay Per Click" costs are just getting too expensive for small businesses like ourselves. As I've said earlier, SEO is my passion, and;

If you are the kind of online business owner who understands honesty & value, then perhaps sifting through search engine optimisation insights on my website will at least offer a solution by making sure that you don't throw away your money down the toilet, possibly your future online success with it.

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What I offer you and specialize in is search engine optimisation for high Google ranking. I have been able to rank highly competitive keywords in this very competitive SEO industry (as well as others) just by adhering to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Because I fully understand how Google ranking algorithms work, particularly, exactly what Google looks for first page rankings.

Here's an SEO Specialist who tells it the way it is

Some SEO services offer you "Guaranteed Rankings" by practicing search engine optimization tactics that are against Google Webmaster Guidelines. For example: writing 1 article and syndicating the same article for 100's of backlinks, this will not help you in the long run. Because it takes Googlebot (Google's web crawler) about a month or two to complete its round trip (full cycle crawl & indexing) of internet, so thus, quick spammy SEO tactics may work for a month or two, but will never in the long run.

It's more than likely that simple on site optimization is all that may be need for your industry specific keyword to show up in Google's first page results. Because 80% of website optimization is on page SEO, meaning, getting all your landing pages to send all the right signals to Google coupled with proven conversion optimization techniques. Will double, if not triple your profits. Accomplishing that for you is SEO, and SEO is my passion.

Others may talk the talk, but, here's how I can help your website walk the SEO walk;

Because while others continue to talk a good game on SEO, you need an honesty SEO specialist

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