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You already know the importance of digital marketing, so unlike the usual expensive digital agencies or cheap SEO Guru’s I won’t waste your time by explaining how being in Google first position will drastically improve your profits.

And because you are a smart business owner, searching for long term results, you know the difference between cheap and affordable. For that reason you too can benefit from RankYa digital marketing and Google SEO services as I specialize in providing full WordPress optimization solutions for the small business community.

Throughout the many years, obsessed with digital Marketing, I’ve learnt a great deal regarding Google rankings and website optimization. This knowledge is mostly shared through RankYa YouTube channel enjoyed by thousands of business website owners, freelancers and digital marketing experts alike.

Local Business Owner? Check out the latest blog post for Ranking in Google Local Business Results. Here’s a short video that shares great insights for local businesses.

There are 4 Types of Digital Marketers Online

  1. Usual expensive digital marketing agencies: sign you up to long term contract which you need to sign yet another contract to get out of the expensive contract they signed you up with initially
  2. Cheap low quality SEO gurus: usually hangout at marketplaces like fiverr and These Guru’s are the most dangerous creatures offering SEO services. Why? Because they spam Google (how do we know? We helped many clients who received Manual Action notices from Google Search Console about Hacked Sites and backlink spam)
  3. Small business owners: after getting many FREE yet expensive SEO & Digital Marketing quotes, most small business owners try to optimize their own website
  4. RankYa = unmatched experience regarding Google and WordPress optimization

Below are more useful videos and courses for the small business community created by RankYa

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Because we all need to get targeted website traffic to a website that is conversion optimized, and we need this to be consistent website traffic. Ranking in Google isn’t hard as you may think, and surely you do not need to wait months and months to see great results online. Don’t settle with low-quality, instead hire a pro like RankYa and see better results

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