Search Engine Optimization Done Right

There are many different ways to do SEO including selecting the best keywords (not just the ones from Google Keyword Planner Tool) creating sitemaps so that Google can follow the links within, improving website usability so that your website visitors can easily do business with you, strategic off-site marketing that includes natural backlinks will guide Google to better understand your products and services that are on your website. Because, the best strategy for successful SEO projects can differ by product, service, website architecture, and even by season.

Perfectly Optimized Website

What Can RankYa Do for Your Online Business?

Website Development

Technology changes consistently, and if a website isn’t updated to take advantage of this, as you would agree, that would be like saying “No Thanks, I’d rather have a hut, instead of a Temple”. Let us develop a fully functional website that’s mobile index ready, or, update your current website affordably.

Social Media Marketing PPC

AdWords & Facebook Ad platforms and their complex settings aren’t designed for the average advertiser. They are designed for highest profit margins for the very corporations who make these services available to you. Don’t throw your hard earned dollars down the PPC toilet. Let us optimize your campaigns, professionally.

SEO Packages

Think of search engines like Google as a highway, and think of search engine optimization as creating a pathway that connects to that highway, and think of keyword rankings as “Road Signs” that’s shown to your ideal customers so that they can find your products and services. Our job is to make sure that happens, properly.

Search engine optimization is an Art, and has eternal benefits for the long term success of businesses.

Tolga Savas (Owner / Manager of RankYa)
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