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Here's the typical scenario faced by business owners: realizing the importance of having an online presence they take the plunge because smooth talking digital agency rep assures all the fame and fortune online business world offers. Agreeing to this because it makes sense, expensive contract is signed, then, the SEO agency passes the project details onto their web development team and soon everyone is happy because now your business products and services are live online for all new leads and new customers.

The ever expensive digital agency needs to UpSell for more profits, so the smooth talking sales rep again convinces the unsuspecting business owner to invest more of their hard earned $$$$ advertising with Google Adwords makes sense since Yellow Pages aren't even delivered anymore. Now the business owner is hopeful because potential customers are visiting the website. But the business owner soon realizes that advertising online can become very expensive very quick. Cost Per Click amounts seems to be getting higher and higher with each click. So the business owner is again UpSold search engine optimization for organic Google rankings. All this time the business owner is not making any measurable profits.

Approaching the smooth talking digital agency rep "you demand answers and results" and all you get in return is confusing technology jargon talk about how Google makes algorithms updates but soon you should see results because it takes time. And because you already have invested $$$$ for your online presence you wake up from a nightmare and put an end to others ripping you off.

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There are many different ways to do SEO including selecting the best keywords (not just the ones the expensive digital agency found for you with a click of a mouse button) creating sitemaps so that Google can follow the links within, improving website usability so that your website visitors can easily do business with you, quality link-building that teaches Google to better understand your products and services. The best strategy for successful SEO projects can differ by product, service, website architecture and even by season.

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Helping your website achieve profitable results requires a seasoned optimization expert who can envision your ideal customers in front of their computers searching Google for products and services you are offering on your website. I just make sure that they find your website first before your competitors.

I haven't seen a better SEO specialist in my whole Internet life of more than 20 years - -

So I'm not going to give you a lengthy sales pitch like many other SEO service providers do, no my dearest friend, because what I offer you is confidence, SEO specialist experience that is second-to-none when it comes to Google and website optimisation. I'm looking forward to working with you soon, simply press on the link below to find about optimization service your website will benefit greatly from

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