Got a website lost in cyberspace? Advertising online with no real returns for your investment? What’s missing if your website is already getting website traffic?

Problem maybe that your web designer didn’t understand what it requires to succeed online. Because in today’s online business world, you could get a website put online for $5 but if you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys.

Because you are a smart business owner, aiming for peanuts is the last thing you want for your most important online business asset “your website — your online temple” consider RankYa Optimized Website. I promise it will bring better results in the long term

What Can RankYa Do for Your Online Business?

Website Development

Yes, hiring cheap web developers may save few hundred dollars at the beginning. However, in the long run, it may cost more for your business profits because most web developers don’t understand how to create an optimized website that just works by bringing in targeted and consistent website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Google AdWords PPC, Facebook Ads, YouTube marketing, Remarketing and the rest, isn’t about just putting in some $$$$ into your online advertisement account and hope for the best. Because on internet, everything differs. Typical marketing tactics won’t work (despite what the experts may have told you). You need a proven strategy.

SEO Packages

Although everyone seems to be an SEO expert, website optimization is an extremely complex field. One needs to understand many complex web technologies including Google Search Console settings. Because getting things wrong with SEO can delay your website getting tons of free and consistent website traffic. Don’t risk it with amateurish SEO

Search engine optimization is an Art, when performed on a website, has eternal benefits for the long term success of businesses.

Tolga Savas (Owner / Manager of RankYa)
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