Facebook has more than 1.94 billion monthly active users. Your friends from high school are on it, your neighbors are on it, your competitors are on it. And if your business is on it, then that’s great, however if your business is not using Facebook Business pages for reaching your ideal customers. Then let’s change that.

Because with RankYa, we can create Professional Ads based on interest and behaviour of your potential customers. This will eliminate the noise so that your Facebook Marketing Campaigns precisely reach your ideal customers, and then, we can drive them towards professional landing pages that we can create on your website.

Whether you are a local business owner, or you have an eCommerce store, Facebook Ads are affordable and suitable for all budgets in 2017

Social Media Marketing 2017 Services by RankYa

RankYa Approach

  • Upon consultation with you, further research customer persona on Facebook
  • Optimize your Facebook Business Page
  • Create strategies, creative assets and landing pages
  • Custom tracking setup
  • Create ads based on your business objectives
  • Target customers based on age, device usage, interests, and behaviour or via geographic location (Globally or Just a City)
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