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If you are yet to develop a prosperous online business by utilizing proper search engine optimisation "SEO" then its likely that you've been given misinformation by others.

In simple terms: when a person claims to be an expert who specializes in Google optimisation, then they must know, how to send the right signals & please the interests of Google. That's all there is to it.

In specialist terms: throughout the years Google has evolved and is continually evolving to be the innovator for providing internet search experience that is unparalleled on our planet. It's technology at the forefront of creativity, adaptability and usability. There is no dispute about it.

But above all else, SEO is the understanding web standards, Google's guidelines and website conversion optimization strategies "combined".

Let's imagine the amount of data storage capacity Google utilizes when storing the entire internet public domain (60 trillion individual pages and growing by the minute)

Take for instance, fast loading web page is one of the ranking factors, since it has main benefits for Google:

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Technology Choices: at times CMS isn't the best choice, but when used, it requires a thorough seo plan, because content produced dynamically from some database driven CMS's may be seen by google as no content or duplicate content. Technology used on your website is important, and believe it or not, some online businesses require only a single web page to get the job done, while others require well over 100. So how many pages should your website have? However many it takes you to accomplish your online mission

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Market Segmentation: working out your online market is crucial, instead of targeting everyone online, we need to work out the who, where and why, especially the why. Research is the key. That may sound like a new concept, because all you hear is, keyword this & keyphrases that. But that comes only while&after we work out your market niche. Finding keywords are like performing a brain surgery, you must get in the mind of your potential customer & chisel it out.

how to get backlinks for your website

Do's and Don'ts of Linking Strategies: this part of seo is the most misunderstood strategy of them all. Because all search engines consider backlinks as a ranking signal, but, its where, how, and when you get back links is crucial, and not so much as to, how many. Quality backlinks tied to your website can make sure your website gets real results. Don't let amateurs destroy your online success

competitor analysis

Your Competition: yes, that dreadful website that is competing with you, yet did you know? Your competition can actually be very useful for your own website. In fact, looking at your online competitors with new set of eyes can save you incredible time and effort. Most seo specialists only look at the source code of your competitor's website, but, your competitions online footprint has invaluable value, like important information for your market niche & your customers. Your online competition can be utilized accordingly

seo web copywriting

SEO web copywriting: no seo expert should call themselves a "specialist" unless they understand these two factors: Google & your Customers. It's then fair to say, signalling both with the right signals is called seo copywriting. Google understands computer language, which takes into account state of the art linguistic analysis in its relevance algorithm. Also, you must communicate your products/services to your potential customers using common everyday language. Blending the both is called seo copywriting.

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Content: you hear it again and again like a broken record, apparently, content is king, though that's not true, content that is original and relevant to your customers and the search engines are important, let's make no mistake about it. Having said that, many people think of written words as content, yet nothing could be further from the truth, because everything on a website is considered as content for search engine rankings, including: written text, images, folders, HTML code. Therefore, optimizing web content for Google as well as your customers is critical.

Being a seo specialist requires online experience, tested ranking methods, and understanding of Google webmaster guidelines. If you think your website can do with an expert touch of SEO

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