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Let's see if the above statement is true "you have a website that requires not just first page Google rankings, but also higher conversion rates". Because achieving the former and the ladder is the skill that an SEO specialists must possess.

Google Panda and Google Penguin (and all the other algorithm updates not made public) was Google cracking down on shady SEO's who were using spammy tactics to trick Google (which by-the-way still is practiced by those low-quality SEO service providers today in 2016).

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internet technology

Technology Choices: as you know that there are countless amount of content management systems to choose from. But some are better than others. For example: WiX powered sites uses Ajax to generate pages (which are the worst for Google rankings). WordPress by default creates many duplicate pages (such as date archives, tags, search results and others) (especially for WooCommerce Sites).

Google must be able to access your web pages without any issues and you must make sure that your website avoids duplicate content issues. To avoid duplicate content issues: use canonical URL like so:<link href="" rel="canonical" />

market segmentation

Market Segmentation: you just can't target everyone online. Facebook has over 1 billion users, and billions of searches are conducted in Google almost everyday. But you must learn to segment your target audience when starting out online. For example: I could offer SEO services for everyone in Australia, or I could segment and target specific audience such as "small business owners, or, personal trainers, or mums who operate E-commerce sites and so on".

This has two benefits: you can select better types of keywords which are easier to rank in Google, and also, your web copy can communicate directly to your target audience for more affective message delivery. Learn to segment your market.

WWW hyperlink

Do's and Don'ts of Linking Strategies: this part of seo is the most misunderstood strategy of them all. Because all search engines consider backlinks as a ranking signal, but, its where, how, and when you get back links is crucial, and not so much as to, how many. Quality backlinks tied to your website can make sure your website ranks for competitive keywords. Don't let amateurs destroy your online success

competitor analysis

Your Competition: yes, that dreadful website that is competing with you, yet did you know? Your competition can actually be very useful for your own website. In fact, looking at your online competitors with new set of eyes can save you incredible time and effort. When analyzing competitors: most search engine optimization experts only look at the source code of a competitor website, but, your competitor's online footprint has invaluable value, such as information for your own market niche & your customers. Your online competitors should be utilized accordingly

seo copywriting services

SEO web copywriting: HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) keyword there is language that Google understands. Google is a global multilingual search engine with over trillions of web documents indexed, placing some random keywords like everyone else isn't what SEO copywriting is all about. You have to talk to Google through HTML code, and also by using keywords on your landing pages.

Search Engine Optimization Expert

Content: isn't content like other Digital Agencies try to sell you, as far as Google is concerned, content is every line of code, text, images, videos, documents and the rest that makes up your entire website. Creating content for your ideal customers as well as addressing factors for Google rankings can allow you to see greater results from your website.

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