Finding affordable SEO services on internet is somewhat like trying to find your way through an Amazon jungle filled with dangerous creatures:

  • Expensive SEO Agencies who are eager to take your money, but don’t deliver on Google rankings, or
  • Cheap shady SEO guru’s who use spammy techniques that are against Google’s Strict Guidelines

RankYa Difference

  • Experience in all things digital
  • We know the What, Why and How for Google rankings
  • We don’t just do SEO, but rather provide you with quality Website Optimization (there is a huge difference)
  • We use the latest and advanced techniques such as HTML5 Semantics coupled with Structured Data (even the large SEO agencies hire RankYa for this)
  • Our skills and experience in WordPress (including WooCommerce) optimization is unmatched (we guarantee it)
  • We support our valued clients as their success is important for us
  • Affordable SEO Yes — Amateurish SEO No

Quality Service Guarantee

If you can find WordPress optimization specialist who is more knowledgeable than RankYa — We’ll Offer you our services for FREE

All work by RankYa is according to Google’s Strict Guidelines “Guaranteed

TestimonialGood news. I just booked in a client for this coming Tuesday. He told me my website came up consistently in Google. You’re a genius! I knew I can count on you :) Thanks again mate.

Website Optimization Perfected

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Small Business Special $948 (One Off Service Fee — Not Monthly) (Ideal for Small Businesses & Local Businesses) (UpTo 60 Landing Pages & 60 Images fully optimized)

  • Keyword Research: everything Google is built on keywords, that is why targeting the right keywords will make sure that your website not only achieves top Google rankings, but rather, it also starts building authority using keywords (not just the ones Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tools shows you, but rather tedious manual keyword research)
  • Website SEO Audit using various SEO tools as well as many years of experience, full website SEO audit will identify issues for broken code, broken links, Canonical URL issues, duplicate content issues amongst many other important Google ranking factors
  • Landing Page optimization by using the keywords identified as the most profitable to target for your business, I will fully optimize your web page Title and Meta Descriptions as well as:
  • Internal linking and optimization
  • Advanced Image Optimization so that target keywords on your landing pages work in conjunction with one another, and also enforce keyword relevance using internal links, anchor text and images (by using RankYa Trade Secrets)
  • (Got a Local Business? Then, I’ll optimize your website accordingly to local search intent keywords) as well as include LocalBusiness JSON-LD Structured Data for Google Knowledge Graph enhancement and ranking of your Google My Business Listing
  • robots.txt file creation and optimization
  • Google indexation optimization
  • XML Sitemap creation
  • .htaccess optimization
  • SEO Plugin optimization (Yoast, AIO or any other)
  • Conversion Rate & Usability optimization (basic CSS adjustments and creation if necessary for improvements)
  • eCommerce order process & CTA Flow Analysis (adjustments if necessary for improvements)
  • Page Load Speed optimization (when appropriate: including reducing image sizes, minifying CSS and or Javascript files, or using conditional script loading for WordPress sites can improve page load times and provide better user experience)
  • Mobile friendly website analysis
  • Google Search Console analysis
  • 3 x Business mentions on RankYa’s Spam Free Social Profiles (Facebook, Google+ Twitter) (including quality backlinks)
  • RankYa’s own custom functions for WordPress built sites

Ultimate Optimization & Google Ranking Service $1980 (Ideal for Mid Size Websites or eCommerce Stores) (UpTo 120 Landing Pages & 120 Images fully optimized)

  • Includes all of the above project deliverables found in Small Business Special. And in addition will include:
  • Advanced Structured Data insertion for your WordPress Theme (note: if your WordPress Theme/Framework doesn’t allow it, then I will create and insert JSON-LD Structured Data where/when appropriate for your business/website)
  • Google Search Console Structured Data Report Diagnosis and fixes for any current markup errors (note: only if your website Theme allows code modifications)
  • +3 x Business mentions on RankYa’s Spam Free Mature Well Maintained Social Profiles (Facebook with 93,500+ followers), Google+ Twitter) (including quality backlinks)
  • 1 x video backlink from RankYa YouTube channel (27800+ subscribers)

Don’t Delay Getting Better Results Online (I’m Always Working Hard for my Valued Clients Websites Optimization & Online Marketing) (I Encourage You to Book 1 Week in Advance to Avoid Any Delays) Place Your Secure Order Now & Get Better Results from Your Website

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  • After you review your details on the next page and complete your purchase, an order confirmation and a receipt for your payment will be emailed to you. My business name is Online Expansions® however, on your credit card statement it will appear as: EXPANSIONS
  • Upon order completion, you will see a link to Return to Online Expansions (follow that link to return back to my website to provide your website’s details and login information, or simply Email:  or
  • Important: you want returns for your investment, and I want to assist you with just that, then tell me in detail about your business objectives. To get you started let me suggest: Who is your ideal audience? Who currently manages your website? Has your website ever been search engine optimized before? If so, please send me all the previous reports given to you
  • Since I always strive for 110% client satisfaction, should you have issues when ordering this service, simply contact me and I will resolve any issues whatsoever
  • RankYa (trading as Online Expansions® ABN: 37153449091) thanks you for your order and I’m looking forward to working for you soon

Testimonial “I’m very grateful with the work Tolga put into optimizing my website, and the only thing I can say, about the SEO services he provides, is that I can highly recommend him as the most genuine and hardworking SEO expert out there.”

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