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On this page you will find current services which your website can benefit from. But first, here’s what I won’t offer you: empty claims, untested, unethical or unproven optimization techniques. I strictly follow Google Guidelines, this will also ensure that you stay in tip-top health since you won’t get a heart attack every time Google implements new updates.

What I offer you is proven solutions for all aspects of website optimization and online marketing for your business. I specialize in helping business owners meet their online objectives through digital marketing channels. Particularly through Google Rankings and Website Conversion Optimization. There are 4 distinct options for using RankYa expertise, simply read through and select any of the options below


WordPress SEO Packages

Although WordPress is a great Content Management System to use, without optimization, WordPress is not geared towards top Google ranking results. Categories, tags, date archives, permalink options, paginated pages must all be tweaked and optimized to see better Google rankings. That could be the reason as to why your WordPress site or WooCommerce store isn’t getting the results it deserves. Let’s change all that


Questions & Answers (up-to 5 Questions)

Want answers to anything related to Google, your website or SEO? You can email me up-to 5 questions you want expert advice and training for and I’ll detail and simplify the answers through email reply according to your questions. Simply place your order and email me up-to 5 questions you want proven answers for


Google Search Console Analysis (for website with up-to 100 URL’s)

Google Search Console is a must use tool provided by Google as it contains important data that you can use to get better results online. However, because its designed for highly experienced SEO experts, most website owners do not have the time to learn what the options actually mean.

That means, hiring RankYa expertise for analyzing your website Google Search Console reports and settings can provide you with insights which you can easily use (delivered through private video (15 minutes)). This will ensure your website is adhering to best practices for top Google rankings, and is taking full advantage of critical data provided by Google search engine and simplified by RankYa expertise. Simply purchase this service below and then grant full access to Search Console using emailand I’ll analyze it thoroughly and send you a private video with useful actionable insights.

Note: in addition, if you are using WordPress and Yoast SEO Plugin, then, I’ll optimize the indexation and also setup Yoast with best possible settings according to your website (or WooCommerce)


Custom Quote

Get a custom quote for anything related to Google, WordPress, Adwords, Search Console, Web Development or SEO Services for your particular website or eCommerce site. Simply hire me through custom quote option below and I’ll begin doing a thorough research and prepare a private video (up to 15 minutes) created just for your request.

Should you then decide to hire me (I’ll deduct this custom quote service charge from any custom quote I’ll provide) (that means you pay nothing for this custom quote when you hire me) should you decide not to hire me, no worries at all because you will at least have a private video showing you useful insights

WordPress Small Business SEO Package (up-to 25 Pages & up-to 25 images) Service Fee $580

Below are project deliverable for search engine optimizing small business site. It contains all the necessary elements to get your website setup for better Google rankings. (Note: this is not a monthly fee unlike other digital agencies, this is one off payment to get all these important SEO elements put in place by an expert)

  • Website SEO Audit: is the beginning for search engine optimization because your website/online business is built upon HTML. Using various SEO tools as well as many years of experience, full Website SEO Audit can identify many issues such as broken code, broken links, duplicate content issues amongst many other important Google ranking factors
  • Keyword Research: here’s the fact Google or other SEO guru’s won’t tell you. Google Keyword Planner Tool is built for Google AdWords. Also, Google rankings work on individual keywords (regardless of how many keywords a website targets) and to be able to rank keywords, thorough research in to what the word you are targeting means, how Google evaluates that word, and what other words can we attach to create longer tailed keywords (keywords more than 1). Thus, without words, your website won’t exist, without words Google won’t exist. That is why, we must conduct tedious manual keyword research. And that’s exactly what I will do Re-Search Keywords
  • SEO Plugin optimization Yoast, or All in One SEO or any other SEO plugin will be set at its best setting according to your particular WordPress setup (WooCommerce? I’ll set up your website with best practices)
  • .htaccess optimization (Only for Apache Server)
  • XML Sitemap creation and optimization
  • robots.txt file creation and optimization
  • wp-config.php file optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization: by using the keywords identified as the most profitable to target for your business, I will optimize:
    • Title for SEO and Higher Click Through Rate when appropriate
    • Meta Descriptions using RankYa experience
    • Internal Linking optimization using RankYa experience
  • Advanced Image Optimization: other SEO’s will offer to optimize alt attributes for SEO (Amateurish). Image optimization is more that, because you want target keywords on your landing pages work in conjunction with one another, and also enforce keyword relevance with Advanced Image Optimization by using RankYa image optimization mastery including inserting EXIF Metadata using Adobe Photoshop. How can you not use EXIF when Google can analyze that “We may use any information we find to help our users find what they’re looking for more easily. Additionally, information like EXIF data may be displayed in the right-hand sidebar of the interstitial page that appears when you click on an image.Source

WordPress Ultimate Optimization and Google Ranking Package (up-to 100 Pages & up-to 100 images) Service Fee $2380

WordPress Ultimate Optimization and Google Ranking Package includes all the SEO elements detailed above in the WordPress Small Business SEO Package. In addition will include:

  • Advanced Structured Data: don’t let your WordPress site fall behind in the every changing Google world. Instead, let RankYa Structured Data expertise ensure that your website/business is taking advantage of what Structured Data offers. I do NOT use plugins to accomplish inserting Schema Markup. I manually code your Theme so that everything works automatically so that you can focus on growing your business or WooCommerce store. Managing a LocalBusiness? I can also include LocalBusiness Markup in addition to other Schemas suitable for your website/business/or/eCommerce store
  • Indexation optimization: WordPress is a great CMS no doubt, however, by default it generates many duplicate content issues or unneeded URL’s such as attachment pages, or tag archives, paginations. That means, using my own set of custom PHP codes for WordPress, I will precisely optimize your website so that Google indexes the parts of your website that you want Google to rank your keywords for
  • Advanced optimization using my own Custom Functions: I have created my own custom WordPress functions and codes (100’s of lines of unique codes) that you aren’t going to find elsewhere. Within the Ultimate Optimization and Google ranking package I will optimize your WordPress site with my own custom optimization codes which will make your website load faster and also be better optimized. Think of it like this! If an SEO agency offered to pay me $2380 just to buy my unique codes only (that I worked many years to perfect), I would not sell it (seriously).
  • Full Google Search Console Analysis: this will reveal important data and actionable insights because RankYa Google expertise will find out exactly how Google sees your site. Google search console has many settings that can be confusing to understand and setup for most website owners, but don’t worry because I know each setting by heart in terms of how to use this tool for your website’s advantage and for Google rankings. I even created and maintain a Free Google Search Console Course on YouTube
  • Google Search Console Structured Data Report Diagnosis and Fixes for any current Structured Data errors
  • Google Search Console 404 Page Not Found diagnosis, 301 redirection when appropriate and fixes (respectfully, only for up-to 100 URL’s)
  • 3 x Business mentions on RankYa’s Spam Free Social Profiles (Facebook 100000+ followers, Google+ Twitter) (including quality backlinks)
  • Bonus for Limited Time Only: WordPress security tightening for common security holes

IMPORTANT: for me to complete these tasks, upon placing a secure order below, please do send me login details for your WordPress Dashboard (administrator access please) and (web hosting account (main administrator access and NOT FTP please)) (I have worked on popular hosting providers, goDaddy, SiteGround, DreamHost, CrazyDomains, Hostgator, inMotion any many others).

Note: for ultimate optimization and Google ranking package, add  to Google Search Console with Full User permission

  • Important: ordering this service confirms that you’ve read and agree to these Terms and Conditions 
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  • After you review your details on the next page and complete your purchase, an order confirmation and receipt for your payment will be emailed to you. My business name Online Expansions® will appear as: EXPANSIONS on your credit card statement
  • Upon order completion, you will see a link to Return to Online Expansions (follow that link to return back to my website to provide more details) or eMail: hello(at) or
  • Since I always strive for 110% client satisfaction, should you have issues when ordering any of these services, simply contact me and I will resolve any issues whatsoever
  • RankYa (trading as Online Expansions® Australian Business Number: 37153449091) thanks you for your order and I’m looking forward to working for you soon

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  • I want to seize this opportunity to thank and appreciates the most honest, transparent, kindhearted, concerned, hard-worker and very unique person. Tolga, you are an individual that one should aspired to emulate. You are so more than fair on the package for my complete SEO project and your continued support and advice. The private video session is awesome. I will highly recommend you and your great services. You are simply the BEST!

    Chris 1st Classic Transportation Inc.
  • I recently hired Tolga to complete a comprehensive SEO upgrade to my medical website. He has done a fantastic job! He was informative throughout the whole process and his reports and videos made everything really easy to understand. Given the work he has completed, I believe it to be an extremely cost effective method to optimise your website. Thanks again Tolga!

    Dr Dat Lien Dentist
  • Extremely knowledgeable with their work. I very happy with website optimization, only a few days after it was optimized, my website already getting listed on google. Goes out of their way to do extra work to make to sure my website is the best it can be.

    Valued Client
  • As someone who knows and practices SEO there is no one who i have come across in my 10 years of being involved in this industry who knows more than Tolga. He is an asset to the SEO community and those who utilize his professional services. Tolga lives and breathes SEO and his passion is infectious. So glad to have been given a chance to learn from the master. Great Work Tolga!!!

    Dominik Barth
  • Finding an SEO expert is a job within itself. (no fun) Finding RankYa was a blessing for us! We have used the teaching from your videos on our E-commerce site WheelchairGear to great success. We cleaned-up un-used files and wasted files tacking up space on our web-host control panel. Upon using just one of the techniques for SEO we saw an increases in International sales that we have never experienced before. We learned SEO techniques that will only make our site rank better, and better organic ranking means more sales. Thank you for all your personnel customer service and we look forward to working with you in the future. LS

    Valued Client Owner of WheelchairGear