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Difference of Low Cost Search Engine Optimization by RankYa SEO

Finding affordable seo services on internet is somewhat like trying to find your way through an Amazon jungle filled with dangerous creatures such as:

  • Expensive SEO Companies, or
  • Shady SEO guru’s who sell you backlink spam

Is Your Website Competing in Olympic Games for Medals?

Expensive SEO agencies usually sign you up with long term SEO contracts that you just can’t get out from, and offer you:

  • Bronze SEO Package targeting 10 unprofitable keywords that no-one searches for (you probably could rank in Google without doing any optimization at all)
  • Silver Package targeting 50 keywords that some people may search for, however, they usually promise to achieve this in about 6 month
  • Gold SEO Package targeting 100 keywords costing you thousands of dollars, and when they can’t deliver results, they usually blame Google algorithm updates but never their retarded and often times spammy SEO techniques

Please keep in mind that quality and professional SEO projects are nothing like participating in Olympic Games. Also, if you approach Search Engine Optimization along these lines, then you may miss out on getting higher website conversions because your entire website should be optimized not just for keywords, but everything.

Cheap SEO Guru’s

Unknown to most small business owners, these cheap shady SEO operators spam Google usually through low-quality created just for backlinking networks that they own themselves. This type of SEO is dangerous, stay away at all costs. Also, don’t be fooled with claims for top rankings these cheap shady operators provide, because there is a time lag for Google to update its database before Google penalizes these spam techniques.

Welcome to RankYa “Home of Affordable SEO Services”

We’re not going to give you a lengthy sales pitch because what we offer you is confidence, SEO specialist experience that is second to none in terms of ethical search engine optimization techniques. That’s why

All work by RankYa is according to Google’s Strict Guidelines “Guaranteed

SEO is Our Passion & We Have Reason to Believe that Passion is for Your Website

  • We can assist you to setup Google My Business Listing for Google Maps and Google Plus as well rank your Local Business Listing Higher in Google
  • Advise and assist you on how to build successful YouTube channels as well as video rankings
  • Keyword Research to find useful keywords so that you can build an authority website
  • Identify and Disavow spammy backlinks
  • Online competitor analysis to find out why Google is ranking them so that you can outrank them
  • Redesign your website so that its 100% responsive and mobile ready

SEO Packages by RankYa

Consultation, training or SEO advice: ideal for getting answers for anything and everything related to SEO, Website Development, WordPress, Google (AdWords, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, YouTube), or any other online marketing related questions you may have

  • 60min expert support, training or advice

SEO Starter Package

From research to website optimization to conversion optimization, simply sit back and get your website be thoroughly optimized according to Google’s strict guidelines

RankYa SEO Delivers Better Results

Testimonial “I’m very grateful with the work Tolga put into optimizing my website, and the only thing I can say, about the SEO services he provides, is that I can highly recommend him as the most genuine and hardworking SEO expert out there.”

SEO Foundations Package $980aud

SEO Foundation Package is specifically designed for those who now want to tap into the full potential of Google rankings. This package has all the necessary elements for optimizing your website and set its foundations up for top Google rankings, includes:

  • A Thorough Keyword Research: everything Google is built on keywords that’s why targeting the right keywords will make sure that your website not only achieves top Google rankings, but rather, it also builds authority
  • Full Website SEO Audit: using various SEO tools as well as many years of expertise, I will thoroughly analyze and check your website so that Google has no issues accessing your website. Full website audit can also identify issues for broken code, broken links, duplicate content issues amongst many other important ranking factors
  • Landing page optimization: (up to 30 pages) by using the keywords identified as the most profitable to target for your business, I will fully optimize your web page Title and Meta Descriptions so that target keywords work in conjunction with one another
  • Advanced Image Optimization: (up to 30 images) using advanced image optimization I bring out the big guns so that all the target keywords are also targeted using images
  • Competitor Analysis: of your main competitor can reveal useful insights such as keywords they are targeting, their backlink profiles which contains insights into keywords as well as content sharing ideas for your own website
  • Structured Data for Local Business: using vocabulary I will for your website so that Google can not only rank your keywords, but also build the right knowledge graph about your local business
  • robots.txt file so that Google can access your website more efficiently
  • XML Sitemap: working in conjunction with robots.txt file, are very useful as it allows Google to better crawl your website
  • Google Analytics: while enabling advanced features such as InPage analytics enhanced link attribution and Google Analytics remarketing
  • Google Webmaster Tools: if there is one tool all website owners must use, then this it is the  I will add and verify your website so that you can take advantage of this great tool

Comprehensive SEO Package $2980aud

Comprehensive SEO Package contains all of the important individual optimization elements mentioned in the above SEO Foundations Package. In addition includes:

  • Additional landing page optimization of UpTo 60 individual landing pages
  • Additional  of UpTo 60 images
  •  and Tracking analysis for useful actionable insights
  • .htaccess server file creation and (Apache servers & WordPress or Static sites only)
  • 3 spam free business mentions: using proven SEO Copywriting strategies I will mention your website (products / services) details on RankYa’s mature and well maintained spam free social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)
  • Conversion Optimization Improvements: from the first eyeful of your landing pages to call to actions, I will thoroughly evaluated your website for best practices for website conversions and provide recommendations accordingly
  • Structured Data Markup: (only for Static Websites (maximum 100 pages) or sites built on WordPress) I will manually code your website with Structured Data Schema Markup as officially supported by Google. For example: and many others like   
  • Bonus: (only for WordPress) security audit for your website’s security

I encourage you to not hesitate while making this important business investment decision, because its always better to let your potential customers find your products and services everyday

RankYa: SEO specialist with over 8 years online experience, fully qualified web developer, Schema Markup and Structured Data expert, WordPress optimization specialist, Certified Google Adwords & Analytics Professional: your online success partner

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