Finding affordable SEO services on internet is somewhat like trying to find your way through an Amazon jungle filled with dangerous creatures:

  • Expensive SEO Companies eager to sign you up to long term expensive contracts which you can’t get out of, or
  • Cheap shady SEO guru’s who do not understand Google Strict Webmaster Guidelines
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Unlike other digital agencies, we’re not going to give you a lengthy sales pitch because what we offer you is confidence, Google SEO mastery, online business experience, and above all else “value” to your online business. That is why

All work by RankYa is according to Google’s Strict Guidelines “Guaranteed

Testimonial “I’m very grateful with the work Tolga put into optimizing my website, and the only thing I can say, about the SEO services he provides, is that I can highly recommend him as the most genuine and hardworking SEO expert out there.”

(For WordPress Built Sites Only) Full & Comprehensive SEO Package $1980 (Normally $2480 — Save $500 — Limited Time Offer)

This premium package is specifically designed for small business owners wanting to optimize their website from top to bottom taking care of what is needed to see great ranking results. Includes:

  • Full Website SEO Audit: using various SEO tools as well as many years of expertise, full website SEO audit will identify issues for broken code, broken links, duplicate content issues amongst many other important Google ranking factors
  • A Thorough Keyword Research: everything Google is built on keywords, that is why targeting the right keywords will make sure that your website not only achieves top Google rankings, but rather, it also starts building authority using keywords  (not just the ones Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tools shows you, but rather tedious manual keyword research)
  • robots.txt filecreation and optimization  so that Google can access your website more efficiently
  • XML Sitemap: working in conjunction with robots.txt file, adding XML sitemaps  are very useful as it allows Google to better crawl your website
  • Yoast SEO Plugin Setup: I will setup Yoast SEO Plugin   (or any other SEO plugin installed on your website) and tweak it using best options
  • .htaccess server file creation and optimization  (Apache servers only) including WordPress Security directives as recommended by WordPress Codex 
  • Google Webmaster Tools: if there is one tool all website owners must use, then it is the Google Webmaster Tools   I will add, verify, and analyze every single option in Search Console
  • Google Analytics: setup Analytics tracking code  while enabling advanced features when appropriate
  • 1 Online Competitor Analysis
  • Landing page optimization: (up to 60 pages) by using the keywords identified as the most profitable to target for your business, I will fully optimize your web page Title and Meta Descriptions as well as internal linking so that target keywords work in conjunction with one another
  • Advanced Image Optimization: (up to 60 images) using advanced image optimization techniques using Adobe Photoshop (includes EXIF meta data insertion as well as file size reduction when appropriate) I bring out RankYa trade secrets so that images on your website also enforce keyword relevance
  • Structured Data for Local Business: using vocabulary I will create professional LocalBusiness JSON-LD Semantic markup  (including additional LocalBusiness markup for Rich Cards where appropriate) so that Google can build the right knowledge graph if your website is for a local business
  • Structured Data Markup Advanced: (only if your Theme or Framework allows) I will manually code your website theme with Structured Data Schema Markup. For example: Corporate Contacts Social Profiles Site Links Search Box  for Google’s Knowledge Graph and many others as recommended by Google 
  • Advanced Coding Optimization: using advanced coding and optimization techniques (RankYa Trade Secrets) I will add advanced coding to your WordPress theme files making sure that your WordPress built website is truly optimized in terms of its coding
  • Website Mentions on RankYa’s popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) which includes natural backlinks
  • Bonus (Limited Time Only) Private Video Creation (about 30 minutes) upon SEO Project Completion I’ll show you great insights moving forward
  • Bonus (Limited Time Only) 3 original articles written and published on RankYa PBN (includes 3 relevant quality backlinks and optimized images)
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  • After you review your details on the next page and securely complete your purchase, an order confirmation will be emailed to you. My business name is Online Expansions® however, on your credit card statement it will appear as: EXPANSIONS
  • Upon order completion, you will be provided a link to Return to Online Expansions, please do follow that link to return back to my website to provide further details such as login information to WordPress Dashboard, cPanel (or web hosting if not using cPanel) for any Google property access such as Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdWords grant access using or simply email me the details along with any other relevant information (such as: if SEO has ever been done on your site, if so, any previous project files, ideal customer persona, if PPC advertising (AdWords, Facebook) and your business objective) knowing this is about your website optimization
  • Since I always strive for 110% client satisfaction, should you have issues when ordering this service, simply contact me and I will resolve any issues whatsoever
  • RankYa SEO Services (trading as OnlineExpansions® ABN: 37153449091) thanks you for your order. I’m looking forward to contributing towards your online success
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