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You could give away the keys to your important asset “your website” to so called SEO experts who apparently know of Google ranking secrets other hard working small business owners like you & I couldn’t figure out. Not to mention expensive SEO companies who are too eager to confuse you with technology jargon talk

But here’s the real secret to successful Google rankings & SEO “All it requires is common sense approach to online marketing and following Google’s strict guidelines couple that with good old fashion hard work”.

Unlike money hungry SEO agencies who are eager to sign you with long term expensive contracts, RankYa has many useful how to videos which are loved by thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners alike “because my proven strategies work”

Here on this page I packaged together great offers for small business owners wanting better results from Google and your website

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All optimization work will be according to Google’s Strict Guidelines “Guaranteed

You may be just starting out and want to tackle your own website optimization, after all, finding an affordable SEO service provider isn’t easy in 2018 Google ranking world. Here’s what to consider when optimizing your site (keep in mind that there is more you can do to get better results online). Here’s what I usually start working on when a valued client hires me through cost effective search engine optimization packages

  • A Thorough Keyword Research: everything Google is built on keywords because that’s what it does best “provide results based on words people use”. That is why targeting the right keywords will make sure that your website not only achieves top Google rankings, but rather, it also builds authority using keywords
  • Full Website SEO Audit: using various SEO tools as well as many years of expertise, I will thoroughly analyze and check your website so that Google has no issues accessing your website. Full website audit can also identify issues for broken code, broken links, duplicate content issues amongst many other important ranking factors
  • Landing page optimization: by using the keywords identified as the most profitable to target for your business, I will fully optimize your web page Title and Meta Descriptions so that target keywords work in conjunction with one another
  • Advanced Image Optimization:┬á Google is also an image search engine, therefore, it can interpret digital information attached to the images on your website. Advanced image optimization by RankYa brings out the big guns so that all the target keywords are also targeted using advanced image optimization techniques
  • Competitor Analysis: of your main competitor can reveal useful insights such as keywords they are targeting, their backlink profiles usually contain insights into keywords as well as content sharing ideas for your own website. Think of it this way: if Google is ranking your competitors in the first position, there is a reason for that, and we you gain useful insights through this competitor analysis
  • Structured Data for Local Business: using vocabulary I will create professional LocalBusiness markup for your website so that Google can not only rank your keywords, but also build the right knowledge graph about your local business
  • robots.txt file: is the first file Google requests each time it visits your website. Its used for telling Google what it can, and what its not allowed to crawl on your website. I will create robots.txt file (or optimize your current one) so that Google can access your website more efficiently
  • XML Sitemap: this file is very useful for avoiding duplicate content issues. Most websites usually have this file in place, however, if your website isn’t using this file already, then SEO foundation package also takes care of that for your website
  • Google Analytics: is critical to use if you want to improve your website because using Google Analytics will help you better understand how your visitors are interacting with your website. I will install the tracking code and verify it so that you too can use the best free website tracking platform on our planet
  • Google Search Console: if there is one tool all website owners must use, then its Google Search Console, verify it, and submit your Sitemap so that you can take advantage of this great tool from Google
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