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Hire Me for Consultation Training or Structured Data Markup


$40 (1hr)
  • Consultation for proven, experienced and professional answers for everything related to Google My Business, Adwords, Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, YouTube, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing, HTML5, Website troubleshooting, Landing Page Optimization, WordPress, Conversion Optimization and Structured Data. Choose your own method of consultation "Email, Phone, or Skype"


$80 (2hrs on Skype)
  • If you enjoyed any of my videos on YouTube, then, you will love this new service. Because now, you and I can arrange private 1 on 1 Video Chat on Skype. Whether you want to me to share my most treasured Google & YouTube Domination techniques (live on screen), or whether you need a digital strategy for your E-commerce site. Order this new service and let's chat on Skype, it will be worth it I promise

Structured Data Markup

$180(HTML5 or WordPress CMS Only)
  • When your web pages include structured data markup, Google (and other search engines) can use that data to index your content better and present it more prominently in search results. You can now get your website optimized using latest vocabulary (Important Note: due to the intense work required to complete this task, this order is valid for websites with less than 40 pages (if your website contains 40+ pages, then you can place another order for additional 40 pages))
Grow Your Online Business

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Packages Your Website Will Thank You For


  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competitor Online Footprint Analysis
  • Full Website SEO Audit
  • Robots.txt File Optimization
  • XML Sitemap Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization (Titles & Meta Descriptions)
  • Advanced Image Optimization
  • Local Business Markup
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Internal Linking Optimization
  • Facebook Mentions with a backlink
    (I will share your website to my 13000+ fans on Facebook)
  • .htaccess Optimization (Apache Servers Only)
  • Structured Data Markup

Small Business SEO Special

$480Not a Monthly Fee(One Time Payment)
  • (UpTo 30 Pages)
  • (UpTo 30 Images)
  • (Setup & Verification)
  • (Setup & Verification)
  • (UpTo 30 Pages)
  • (2)

WordPress Powerhouse

$580Not a Monthly Fee(One Time Payment)
  • (UpTo 30 Pages)
  • (UpTo 30 Images)
  • (Setup Verification & Analysis)
  • (Setup Verification & Analysis)
  • (UpTo 30 Pages)
  • (2)

WordPress Perfection

$680Not a Monthly Fee(One Time Payment)
  • (UpTo 60 Pages)
  • (UpTo 60 Images)
  • (Setup Verification & Analysis)
  • (Setup Verification & Analysis)
  • (UpTo 60 Pages)
  • (5)
  • Vocabulary
  • Note: I can also offer you monthly services if you want me to manage your website, social media marketing, Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising Campaigns, new website or landing page creation. Simply let me know if you want to hire me on monthly basis
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  • I always strive for 110% client satisfaction, should you have issues when ordering any of the services, simply contact me and I will resolve any issues whatsoever
  • thanks you for your order, and I’m looking forward to working for you soon
  • Important: I do not outsource your work to low-quality service providers like other digital agencies in Melbourne, as a result, I can only work for a certain amount of websites at a given time, placing your order now assures you avoid any delays (Special discounted offer will end soon).


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