RankYa SEO Experience

I really enjoy this field called SEO and online marketing, I also feed my family doing what I love doing. I believe in good old fashion honest hard work to earn my living.

RankYa SEO Philosophy

Treat the importance of each website that I optimize as if I am optimizing my very own website

Above is an honest statement, and at the end of the day, that's what I offer you.

Here's what I won't offer you: empty claims, untested, unethical or unproven optimization techniques. I strictly follow Google Guidelines, this will also ensure that you stay in tip-top health since you won't get a heart attack every time Google implements new updates.

What I offer you is: proven solutions for all aspects of website optimization and online marketing for your business. I specialize in helping business owners meet their website objectives through digital channels. Particularly through "Google Rankings and Website Conversion Optimization"

Digital marketing skills: I'm able to research and create successful digital marketing strategies for diverse industries. You can use my wealth of experience in website optimization, social media marketing, PPC advertising, Google Adwords Analytics Webmaster Tools Webmaster Guidelines Google Disavow Tool, advanced keyword research, targeting and ranking, website usability testing, A/B testing, Facebook Advertising, YouTube video ranking, seo copywriting and website conversion optimization.

Technical skills I learnt in over 8 years: Structured Data, Microdata, RDF, Schema.org Vocabulary, HTML, HTML5, PHP, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, FTP, W3 Web Standards, Adobe Dreamweaver Photoshop Acrobat Pro and Illustrator. CMS I worked with: shopify, WiX, Magento and WordPress

about RankYa SEO
I am very thankful. Because of your advice I have already new customers! I am so excited that I know now all this information, because now It is really working good and I have success. (Sam -- www.homepage-erstellen-lassen.ch)
Good news. I just booked in a client for for this coming Tuesday. He told me my website came up consistently in Google. Your a genius! I knew I can count on you :) Thanks again mate. (Marco -- Director of MCH)
I have no hesitation in recommending Rankya to any business person wanting the process of SEO de-mystified. (Brad Taylor -- The EP Group)
We were at a loss as to why we were being rejected from Google News. We Googled 'melbourne google specialist' and called the first listing that came up (seemed logical!) – RankYa. What we got was a thorough appraisal of issues that might be tripping Google's News spidering. We actioned this immediately and within a week received a random email from Google saying that we had been accepted into Google News. Needless to say, we were thrilled. I will use RankYa next time I need SEO advice and would recommend their advice to any other organisation. (John Sutherland, Digital Director, Golf Australia)

As you would agree that when it comes to finding the right internet marketer to work with, you have to choose "quality affordability and experience". And you'd surely be pleased to know that I offer you just that

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