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Let's take look at what SEO is and most importantly, what it can do for your business.

Here's Google search engine optimization insights that will Skyrocket your online results

Living online for many years as a Google SEO specialist has taught me this "Google is a bridge between your website and your potential customers" and SEO is the building blocks of that bridge. Connecting your website with your potential customers through effective optimisation & keyword targeting.

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Truth remains, and that is, your website doesn't have to be optimized, and you don't need if you can bring your customers to your website by any other means, apart from;

Google: because whether your website shows up in its result set or not, your customers search Google to find about your products/services.

Google Adwords: because SEO also helps you run more profitable Adword campaigns. For example = "Quality Score" of your landing page is calculated for Ad Rank (and Ad Rank determines your ad position). Therefore, adhering to Google Webmaster Guidelines (Technical, Quality and Content) ensures that your website improves its Quality Score because having all the on page SEO elements in place let's Google better understand your content. Obviously search engine optimisation then equates to you paying less while getting better results from your Adword campaigns as well.

Search Engine Optimisation for organic ranking results: is the most affordable way to drive targeted website traffic because once you rank your keywords in Google's organic results, it usually stays there for a long time. Take for example: I targeted some valuable keywords, optimized and rank them, and now Google is showing those targeted search terms in first position, and I haven't done anymore optimization for about a 6 month "I am still there in the first position". As you can see, if you are not utilizing proper website optimization, then you are basically missing out on valuable web site traffic. Why should small business owners like me and you miss out? We shouldn't;

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